Pink quartz has tones of darker to light rose colored appearance, It is Used to enhance unconditional love and protection. A multi colored natural glass formation, some green, some are blue, and both are for true healing. Obsidians are structures of energies that since are formed of earth and fire, and water is of the elements of divine that can inhabit greatness within the psychical body and mental body for Deep healing abilities as well as communicative skills. It gives you relief.
Light blue stone with streaks of white, almost like a layered appearance. Blue lace agate is a beautiful stone that can be used for the throat chakra, to open communications with others in human life, but also to bring creativeness out. This stones inserts the notion that you can do anything if you want to put the effort into doing so. This stone is also wondrous to children and the affinity of working with children. Blue lace agate can help you open up to better listening skills.
Black obsidian has several same properties as Black tourmaline; they look very similar and sometimes hard to tell them apart from each other. All obsidians are healing stones but obsidian is a natural forming glass like appearance. It is a natural glass that is formed when molten lava is submerged in water. Black obsidian absorbs and dissolves anger and criticisms. I call it “Pure protection” is its name as it is also known for “transformation”, releasing the old clarity.

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Apophyllites magnify and focus energy through the apex.
Blue lace agate is a beautiful stone that can be used for the throat chakra.
Pink quartz has tones of darker to light rose colored appearance.

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